Scott Richter and Media Breakaway, LLC respond to MySpace
Westminster, CO –January 22, 2007 Steven Richter, General Counsel for Media Breakaway, LLC and Scott Richter, deny allegations made in MySpace press release and hope their press release was not intended by MySpace to distract recent public and governmental attention regarding their alleged misconduct.

"Like everyone else in the industry we are only aware of what MySpace has alleged in their press release, as we have not been served", said Steven Richter, General Counsel to Media Breakaway, LLC and Scott Richter, its CEO.   "Obviously we deny the allegations made in the press release".  "Several months ago I spoke with counsel for MySpace about some complaints they received and we cooperated with them fully and were assured that if there were any outstanding issues, they would get back to us."   "I guess this is their way of getting back to us", Richter said.
Richter stated "I just hope that the purpose of their press release was not to distract the public and governmental attention that has been focused on MySpace recently regarding their alleged misconduct".