Media Breakaway, LLC Works with the Florida Attorney General to Support Compliant Online Marketing

Industry Leading Affiliate Network Promotes a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Compliance Program

Westminster, Colo., December 19, 2008, Media Breakaway, LLC, an industry leading online marketing firm today announced the culmination of nearly 12 months of collaboration with the Florida Attorney General to promote online marketing best practices throughout the industry.

Since 2007, Media Breakaway has been working closely with representatives from the Florida Attorney General’s office to develop a set of industry-wide best practices for online marketers with special attention paid to mobile offers.  The outcome of that collaboration is a set of guidelines that will help marketers produce advertisements that focus on the consumer experience with regard to various ringtone and mobile marketing products and services.  This benefits the consumer and the advertiser. 

 “Our collaboration has produced some tremendous results over the past year,” said Steven Richter, President of Media Breakaway.  “We have worked together to develop a set of industry standards that offer guidance to online marketers as they create marketing programs and initiatives. 

“We have also developed a number of proprietary internal programs to assist us in monitoring marketing programs initiated on the behalf of our advertisers, as well as other marketers’ efforts,” said Richter.  “These monitoring programs give us new tools in our ongoing efforts to ensure that online marketers are effectively implementing all appropriate compliance guidelines within their advertising efforts.” 

Along with the development of these programs, Media Breakaway will contribute $1 million to the Florida Attorney General’s fund designed to promote more consumer-friendly online advertising.

“We look forward to working together with the Florida Attorney General  as a part of our ongoing compliance program and continuing efforts to establish a set of best practices for all online marketers,” said Mr. Richter. 

Media Breakaway’s commitment to leading the industry in compliance is demonstrated by the formation and development of its compliance team that includes a staff comprised of legal professionals and experts in advertising best practices. 

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