Media Breakaway, LLC Delivers Presentation on Best Practices and Legal Matters in Affiliate Marketing at Affiliate Convention

Westminster, CO – June 29, 2009 – Media Breakaway, LLC, an industry leading interactive marketing firm recently participated in the inaugural Affiliate Convention, speaking about the various legal matters affecting the affiliate marketing industry during the panel titled Legal Matters and Affiliate Marketing. 
Media Breakaway is the home of one of the largest and most experienced compliance teams in the online marketing industry.  For this panel discussion, Steven Richter (President), Amanda Barry (General Counsel), and Molly Petullo (Compliance Coordinator) presented information on a number of key legal issues facing the industry and fielded a variety of questions from the audience. 
“Sessions like this are tremendously valuable to online marketers who are focused on developing best practices marketing initiatives that are compliant with all federal and state guidelines,” said Mr. Richter.  “The legal and regulatory landscape for online marketing is constantly changing and evolving.  Even for legal professionals, it is a challenge to stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments.  For most affiliates, staying current on legal information is a truly daunting task.  Most affiliates are sole proprietors who have limited access to regular legal advice.  So, attending these types of sessions is the closest approximation many affiliates have to actually meeting with a lawyer with experience in online marketing.” 
Among other topics, the panel discussed developments in state taxation of online sales, guidelines for social media marketing, the evolving mobile marketing legal landscape, and the importance of understandable privacy policies.  Attendees asked key questions on affiliate liability, asset protection, and where to find current best practices information online.
“Attending a panel discussion on legal matters may not seem like the most entertaining session on the agenda,” said Ms. Barry.  “However, there are few sessions that deliver more vital information on the affiliate industry and how affiliates and advertisers can ensure they are up-to-date and following all of the appropriate legal guidelines in their marketing programs.  I look at it like a trip to the dentist for preventative teeth cleaning.  You may not look forward to it or even enjoy the experience, but it can keep you from having problems down the road and you will be very glad you went.” 
The Denver session was so well received that the group has been asked to deliver a similar presentation during Affiliate Convention – Los Angeles in December, 2009. 
“We were thrilled to be a part of the first ever Affiliate Convention and look forward to participating in the next event in Los Angeles later this year,” said Mr. Richter.
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