Steven Richter at eComXpo to Discuss the Value of Affiliate Marketing 

Westminster, CO – June 26, 2009 – Media Breakaway, LLC, an industry leading interactive marketing firm today announced that Steven Richter, President, will be participating in a panel discussion at eComXpo (July 8, 2009).   The panel will be called – Dirty Little Secrets:  Taking the Lid off Affiliate Marketing and Assessing What Creates Value.
The session will explore the impact of Black Hat affiliates on the affiliate marketing industry and how it is perceived by the public.  Some of the specific discussion topics will include: flogs (fake blogs), the unauthorized use of copyrighted content in advertising, and FTC initiatives to address unethical advertising practices.
“With the economic downturn, many more companies are looking to performance-based and affiliate marketing options to ensure they are receiving the greatest return on investment from their marketing programs,” said Mr. Richter.  “Not surprisingly, the potential to make significant amounts of money often attracts people to affiliate marketing who will push the envelope of accepted best practices.  We have developed an internal compliance team whose mission is to proactively identify ads that may cross the line and have them removed or changed.”
“In the eyes many consumers and companies, affiliate marketing has gained a poor reputation, due partly to the actions of a relatively small number of Black Hat affiliates,” said Mr. Richter.  “As companies and individuals who are invested in the long-term success of the affiliate marketing industry, we must all work together to foster an environment that supports innovation and new ideas, but continues to discourage and weed out unethical or deceptive tactics from affiliates.  I believe this panel will help to address some of these issues openly and honestly, from a variety of viewpoints.” 
eComXpo is a virtual conference for the e-commerce and online marketing industries.  Each event is geared to address the latest trends and issues in affiliate and search marketing for retailers, affiliates and networks.  The show is free for attendees. 
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