Clarification of News Reports Regarding Steven Richter, President of Media Breakaway, LLC

Westminster, CO - October 20, 2010 - Media Breakaway, LLC, a pioneer in the performance based marketing industry, would like to clarify some recent news regarding three lawsuits that Facebook filed today , relating to violations of their terms and conditions. One of the defendants named in the lawsuit is Steven Richter. We wanted to clarify that the Steven Richter identified in this lawsuit has no relationship with either Scott Richter (CEO of Media Breakaway, LLC) or Steven Richter (President and General Counsel of Media Breakaway, LLC).

Several blogs and other news sources initially posted erroneous reports regarding the identity of the Steven Richter named in the lawsuit, connecting the name to Steven Richter from Media Breakaway. However, those posts and articles have been or are in the process of being retracted and corrected. See this post from as an example

Media Breakaway, LLC requests that bloggers or other news organization that have published erroneous information regarding this lawsuit on a website or through any other medium, please retract the erroneous information and post a correction, as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this release or Media Breakaway, please contact Steven Richter at +1 303-920-7941.


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