The Breakaway Fitness Challenge Begins!
Westminster, CO September 29, 2006 – We are pleased to announce the weightiest contest in CPA Empire ® history - the Breakaway Fitness Challenge. Late last week, Jenny Frederick (Manager of Special Projects) and Scott Richter (CEO) shook hands and agreed to enter into a special challenge. Our contestants must lose 30 pounds by December 25, 2006.
Each will be competing for a very different prize. Should Jenny win, she will receive $1,000 from Scott. Should Scott win, Jenny will be on the receiving end of a very unique haircut.
Visit our contest website for more information on the stakes and to show your support for your favorite competitor!
We wanted to make sure to include our Affiliates in this exciting competition, so we have created a great new contest. Each Affiliate will have the opportunity to guess the combined weight that our contestants will lose during the contest, for a chance to win $1,000! Visit our contest website for details.
The website will also provide regular updates to keep you informed on weekly weigh-ins, competitor tactics, and other contest news. Our two contestants are each determined to win and with virtually no rules, we expect a heated and very entertaining competition!
Visit and enter to win $1,000!