"Team Scott Takes the Lead"
WESTMINSTER, CO.- October 4, 2006 – Scott Richter, CEO of Media Breakaway, LLC, takes the lead in the Media Breakaway Fitness Challenge.
After their first week in the Media Breakaway “Fitness Challenge”, Scott Richter and Jenny Frederick are getting a taste of what they’ve actually gotten themselves into.
When our two contestants signed up for this challenge, they both knew that above anything else they wanted to lose the weight and be healthier. Little did they know that what was supposed to be a simple contest would manifest into an Extreme Competition that seems to have taken on a life of its own.
On Monday, October 2nd, officially one-week into the contest, both Scott and Jenny had to step on the scale for the first time and face the reality of their situations.
“Scott’s been working out like a mad-man and I’ve been helping by cooking him healthy dinners at night. I’ve already lost 5 pounds because of this competition and I’m not even participating,” said Steve Richter, President of Media Breakaway, LLC and spokesperson for “Team Scott”.
“We’ve got the momentum going. Jenny’s been at the gym 3 hours a night mixing cardio with strength training,” said said Sara D’Onofrio, CPAEmpire.com Affiliate Manager and spokesperson for “Team Jenny”. “Scott’s been a little cocky about winning so we are planning to use his over-confidence to our advantage.”
Scott put on an impressive show out of the gate with a 12 pound weight loss in just one week. Jenny’s drop was equally remarkable, clocking in at 6 pounds.
Both participants say they are prepared to give 100% during this competition, but are admitting that the combination of the diet, work out schedule, and the pressure of the contest itself, is definitely a challenge.
So “Team Scott” is ahead right now but the Media Breakaway Fitness Challenge is just beginning. We’ll have the results of the second weigh-in next week but in the meantime, you can get into the action by voting for your favorite at http://www.breakawayfitnesschallenge.com. Affiliates of CPAEmpire.com can also participate in the contest to win $1,000 by guessing their combined weight loss by end of the contest period.